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I love to create all sorts of things.

This site is my showcase.

You are welcome to look around.

I encourage you to engage.

World of Tomorrow Video

The first 3 minutes are a FAQ about nuclear weapons, the last 7 are a modern progressive classic.

March of the Giants Video

This crazy song was conceived as a solo track, and I was having so much fun that I enlisted Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy), Dave Weiner (Steve Vai Band, Guitopia) and Nick Pierce (Unearth) to help me finish it.

How hackers become a trusted source of news

Today I took my dog for a walk in the sun. I have been fighting some nausea today so I decided to take a walk with my dog in the fresh airĀ and that always gets me in a creative frame of mind. While walking, I was listening to the new Dream Theater album, The...

The History and Future of Amp Modeling

An oldie, but a goodie.... I was discussing this post with a friend this morning and realized I had wiped it from the internet. I found it on Wayback so I could repost it. Enjoy! Recently I have been involved in a lively debate on the future of digital amp simulations...

The world was nuked

Gone. It's all gone. I decided to ctrl-alt-del so to speak. Gear addicts is dead, every video gone. Flickr evaporated. Project K2R4 is toast. I've removed and cleaned and simplified to a point that I'm down to a very simple set of things that represent me on the...