Who is Jason Burns?

I wish I could say “International Man of Mystery,” but it turns out that I’m just a nerd. I wouldn’t say I’m your standard nerd though.

About Me

Why am I a Gear Addict?

Two guys, beer and more music related nerdism than you can handle. The Gear Addicts Show is my baby, the Man Show for musicians.

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Capturing My Life

I spend a lot of time behind the camera. I’m an avid photographer of people, places and things… pretty much anything you can point a camera toward.

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Design Oriented

Physical, Graphic, Motion, Software & Interaction Design is part of who I am.

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Music For Life

I’ve been a musician for as long as I can remember. Writing, performing, recording and producing music are fundamentals of my life.


The Gear Addicts Show

Combining my passion of music, technology and social media, my friend Ryan and I launched The Gear Addicts Show.


I love to capture the world around me. If you’d like to see some of my images, be sure to visit my photography portfolio.

Graphic Design

I definitely keep my hands in the design world via graphic design, web design, motion and 3D graphics.

Video Production

Being a musician makes me uniquely suited to producing music videos.

A Creative Technologist?

Steve Jobs had it right. The sweet spot is the corner of art and technology. When I’m not creating or designing something, I am a Technical Project/Program Manager. My odd affinity of technology is enterprise software and mobile software. I specialize in Microsoft SharePoint and iOS.

.Net Development

Healthy .Net experience in SharePoint, Windows & Windows Phone Applications and Web Services

iOS Development

Fret Hero started my journey with iOS development and was primarily responsible for landing on the Mac team at Microsoft.

Business Intelligence

Excel, PowerPivot, SharePoint, PerformancePoint, Reporting Services, Analysis Services and PowerView have made BI part of my DNA now.

Web Development

Wether building massive SharePoint sites or more lightweight WordPress sites, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery are fundamentals.

Raising Awareness

Today Twerps are raising awareness for child abuse. Thu […]

Do we have something in common?

If something on my blog resonates with you, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email or any of the social networks!

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