Recently I signed back up for World of Warcraft to do some testing on Windows 7 and the new ATI series of video cards. Today I wanted to cancel the account so I didn’t get charged again, and had to laugh at the options for quitting. There are two drop downs to explain your reason for quitting, let’s take a look:


Hmm, profession issues? Lost or stolen item? There is pretty much every possible option here except “I just don’t play it” or “I don’t like the game.” So I chose other, and then I see:


Now I have to choose the specific reason. Do people cancel to take vacations? How long are these vacations? You pay by the month! How about the latest patch is so bad it makes you quit? I really like “I play too much” I know a few people who should use that one. It seems obvious to me, but I had to write in “I just don’t play it anymore.”

I guess Blizzard doesn’t think that’s possible.

Author’s Note: Oh you silly internet peoples. It’s obvious that you missed something from my blog post, and let’s be clear, it’s a personal blog post. It’s a little thing called Satire, cousin to humor, in other words, a joke. Obviously I know that Blizzard is not that stupid, and I understand the point and subtleties of statistical analysis, I work in Business Intelligence for Pete’s sake. The point was that I found it “funny” that when I just wanted to cancel, I had this huge mountain of options, some of which I found funny. Moral of this story is don’t bad mouth World of Warcraft or the nerds will put down their mouses, quit their raid, and come Pwn you on your blog. *grin*

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