Someone sent me a link to an Adobe Creative Cloud Petition online. I read through the petition’s description and felt like adding a few thoughts of my own.

As of right now, over 25,000 people have signed the petition. Am I the only one questioning the number of signers who are loyal, paying customers that use the software for business purposes? Color me skeptical.

Petition Description

Development of Adobe Creative Suite 7, and all plans of future creative suites have been discontinued. The only option going forward will be the Creative Cloud (CC) subscription model.

So the first sentence is ridiculous. The Creative Suite lives on just fine, only the method of payment has changed.

You should support this petition because Adobe is making their already expensive products even more expensive in the long run. Adobe is robbing small business, freelancers, and the average consumer. They do not seem to understand that every company is a not multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporation that has an infinite amount of resources.

If your company can’t afford $50/mo. for the tools you use to create what you sell, you’re business sucks. McDonalds is hiring.

In the end it comes down to this: all of Adobe’s consumers will not be able to make such a large payment every month on the CC subscription model. In the short term, the subscription model looks to be okay, but over time the only entity that is benefiting from this is Adobe. The (no longer) current model: paying a one time fee for infinite access is a much better business model and is better for the consumer.

Sure they can. It’s 3% of my rent. Seriously? $50 is “such a large payment?” I pay more for my data plan on my phone. I pay more for Cable TV. I pay more for my water and sewer. I spend more in a month at Starbucks…. Wow.

Let’s make a difference and stand up to Adobe and let them know our stance. We want our voices heard.

What about people like me who see through all of this hyperbole and think, “Holy crap! I couldn’t afford to go buy the Master Collection for $2,599, but now I can afford it when I can pay for it monthly.” Where is my petition? I WANT the subscription model.

Legal Grounds to Sue? Laughable.

You’ve got people calling Adobe a monopoly, claiming the government should get involved. Businesses have been paying for software tools on subscription for decades now. It’s not new.

The idea that Adobe is forcing it’s users to upgrade is ridiculous. This is opt in folks. The only grounds I can see, would be if Adobe stopped supporting Creative Suite 6 before the terms of it’s End User License Agreement stipulate.

Outside of that, Adobe Creative Cloud is a new product offering. CS6 still works. You don’t have to buy it. As many people will switch to Gimp or Pixelmator as Americans moved to France in the Bush administration. It’s just pure silliness.

Adobe makes the best tools for creative types in the business. For people who actually use them for marketable creative work, they are more than reasonably priced.

Creative Cloud gives you ever tool they make and a bunch of useful online services for a little over the cost of a Starbucks Mocha 11 days a month.

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