I spend a lot of time introspecting my own thoughts and opinions, and I might have just come up with the most interesting, and probably offensive (to some) thought path around why I shouldn’t be judgemental of people who support Donald Trump, and you shouldn’t either…..

When someone tells me about their faith. They know I am a cynic and an Atheist, so they often try to explain their faith in terms of how they have personal beliefs that are so strong that they contradict evidence of facts, science and sometimes even common sense.

I often wonder how intelligent people I know are not Atheist, because I truly do not understand that kind of faith and have no mental reference for it. I live in the world of facts, data and the search for truth.

Get ready, here is the offensive part. Donald Trump’s supporters believe he cares about them when there is no evidence to support it. They believe that he has the answers and if we all believe, he will fix everything. They believe that he can and will do good even when he has a track record of doing things that are truly horrible. They look to books written many years ago, and ignore the constant stream of evidence that disprove their words. They believe he has a plan when he does absolutely nothing to explain it.

So yea, I guess that faith is faith. You can believe something into being true, for you. From an Atheist point of view, Donald Trump is a lot like God, that is; capable of taking credit for all the good that happens, washing over all the bad that happens as someone else’s fault (no irony that he called Hillary the devil I guess, lol) and inspiring millions of people to believe in him even when evidence proves you shouldn’t.