I like to make things; pretty things, angry things,

complex things, nerdy things, happy things.

I built this site to showcase both my professional

and personal interests and projects.

Professional Experience

I’ve spent the last decade with Microsoft and now Tableau. I’ve traveled the globe building SharePoint platforms for companies like the MGM Casino, Shell and American Express. Passionate about data and business intelligence.

SharePoint & Excel

While working on the SharePoint BI team, I designed and drove new features like the Calculated KPI language for PerformancePoint, the PerformancePoint developer API, Alerts for Excel Services and touch support for PerformancePoint.

Microsoft Office

Before I left Microsoft, I helped bring Office to the iPad. My feature responsibilities were shared UI like the Ribbon, the font menu, Windows Registry emulation in SQLite, the clipboard, accessibility for OneNote for iPad, document round tripping, the color picker and gallery popups.

iOS Development

I was only at Extended Results for a short time, but I was able to work with the Seahawks to help design two iPad applications. One application for couches to run practices, and a second application to deliver player health surveys based on a sports psychology method.


At Tableau, I live and breathed connectivity. I specialized in data sources with enterprise integration scenarios and security mechanisms like Kerberos, SAML, SSL, OAuth, etc. As PM and Manager, I balanced projects with keeping a motivated, well running development team that takes pride in collaboration.