Trump Silent Majority and Unprecedented Win Debunked

Donald Trump and his associates would like you to believe that Trump won in a landslide of epic proportions because of his “silent majority.” I’d like to shed a few facts on both this majority and the scale of his victory. America is home to about 318,000,000 people. Not all are American citizens however, and many do not vote, so let’s look at the size of the population that voted.

The Silent Majority

It’s not been debated that Donald Trump lost the popular vote. He managed 62,418,820 votes of 127,073,303 votes. It’s unsurprising that Trump keeps discussing 3 million illegal votes, the margin he lost by; but let’s forget that and the electoral college for a moment and just discuss the scale of his victory and the unprecedented title it seems to have adopted.

Less than 40% of the country voted, and Trump did not receive the majority of those votes, so the real size of Trump’s election support is less than 19% of the country. That’s right, your President Elect is walking into the white house with less than 20% of the country’s support.

Where does that rank in history? There are just two US Presidents who performed worse in the popular vote: Hayes and Adams, both in the 1800s. No candidate in modern history has lost the modern vote by a larger margin than Donald Trump.

How unprecedented is this? Well not at all, but actually more so than the “blowout” Trump keeps claiming in the Electoral College. Let’s consider that.

The Unprecedented Electoral College Blowout

The problem with this story isn’t mathematical. The problem is that it’s an out and out lie. In 58 US Presidential elections, 45 had larger margins of victory than Donald Trump.

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 10.07.53 AM

Yes, Donald Trump is our President. Yes, I am confident that will not change for at least 4 years, unless someone manages to catch him in the act of the many illegal things he seems to be involved in. That being said, there is zero case for Trump winning in a landslide. Trump lost the popular vote by almost the widest margin in US history. Trump’s Electoral College win ranks #46 in history.

Debate away, but facts are facts, and these are immutable.

I guess Donald Trump is a lot like God

I spend a lot of time introspecting my own thoughts and opinions, and I might have just come up with the most interesting, and probably offensive (to some) thought path around why I shouldn’t be judgemental of people who support Donald Trump, and you shouldn’t either…..

When someone tells me about their faith. They know I am a cynic and an Atheist, so they often try to explain their faith in terms of how they have personal beliefs that are so strong that they contradict evidence of facts, science and sometimes even common sense.

I often wonder how intelligent people I know are not Atheist, because I truly do not understand that kind of faith and have no mental reference for it. I live in the world of facts, data and the search for truth.

Get ready, here is the offensive part. Donald Trump’s supporters believe he cares about them when there is no evidence to support it. They believe that he has the answers and if we all believe, he will fix everything. They believe that he can and will do good even when he has a track record of doing things that are truly horrible. They look to books written many years ago, and ignore the constant stream of evidence that disprove their words. They believe he has a plan when he does absolutely nothing to explain it.

So yea, I guess that faith is faith. You can believe something into being true, for you. From an Atheist point of view, Donald Trump is a lot like God, that is; capable of taking credit for all the good that happens, washing over all the bad that happens as someone else’s fault (no irony that he called Hillary the devil I guess, lol) and inspiring millions of people to believe in him even when evidence proves you shouldn’t.


Apple vs. FBI Should Worry You

Setting The Apple/FBI showdown aside just to clarify something about the end to end encryption debate. Yes, it protects drug-trafficking, kidnapping, and child-pornography. It also protects your banking, credit, medical records, conversations you might have during sensitive, yet aggressive events like divorce, or family disputes over inheritances, etc.

If you think, like I do, “sure I’ll let you look through my phone, I have nothing to hide.” Then you are forgetting a bit about context. I feel that way because I haven’t done anything illegal and have no plans to.

Let’s play out a scenario. Pretend I had a child and was in a crazy custody battle. In a world without end to end encryption, private detectives would have little trouble purchasing malware or cracks that could sniff the data on your wifi network. In that world, nothing is private. That coffee with a friend on your calendar could be misconstrued as a date. That innocent photo of your child in the tub could be misconstrued as child porn.

If you do not think that a prosecutor can weave together circumstantial evidence into a story that puts you in jail, you’ve been sleeping through your life.

With no private keys to keep your data and traffic viewable only by you, we end up in an interesting place. Criminals will further retreat to dark networks that do use end to end encryption, as we will be left with no privacy for no reason.

For what it’s worth, at work, I spend a dramatic portion of my day thinking about authorization, authentication and encryption. I know enough to be worried.

The conversation with Apple is already being twisted from one phone, to end to end encryption giving safe harbor to terrorists.

Every American should be concerned that this outlandish reinterpretation over a law that is over 200 years old is the first step to trying to undo end to end encryption as a whole. If you don’t believe it, maybe you should research. California State government has already proposed regulations to ban smartphone encryption entirely.

If you are ok with that, you should go ahead and get ready for houses with glass walls too.

The world was nuked

Gone. It’s all gone. I decided to ctrl-alt-del so to speak. Gear addicts is dead, every video gone. Flickr evaporated. Project K2R4 is toast. I’ve removed and cleaned and simplified to a point that I’m down to a very simple set of things that represent me on the internet.

Twitter – @philoking
Instagram – @instaphiloking
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My life is much simpler now. So just to recap, I shot Gear Addicts in the head, and after I dug the grave, I threw in a few more bodies: AOL messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Hangouts, Google Plus, MySpace, Flickr, Jason Burns Photography Facebook page, & and all associated twitter, etc. accounts, and more.

See you soon.